Monday, January 31, 2011

Elements of Style

Stamp Set: Elements of Style and Bella Toile
I clear embossed Bella Toile on glossy white paper.
Next, I stamped the images in Basic Brown using stamps from the Elements of Style set.
Then I sponged over the glossy white paper with Certainly Celery.
Finally, I colored in a few leaves with Certainly Celery (it is hard to see in this photo).
The mat is Always Artichoke, and the card base is Black. (I love dark cards)

This card was actually made a few months ago -- I completely cased it from one of the blogs I visit (unfortunately, I did not keep the information on where I found it). I modified it just a bit and then used it in one of my stamp classes.

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An Honor . . .

One of my favorite Stampers (who happens to be my upline -- Lucky Me!) Maureen Rauchfuss has nominated me, along with my sister stampers, for the Stylish Blogger Award.  How very sweet!!!  So I guess I probably should add a few current posts, huh?  LOL

As part of this honor, I am to write 8 Random Things about me.... Here I go:
(1)  I currently have a cold and so I am home for the day rather than at work. This has made it a bit easier to add a current post. (Unfortunately, I can't breathe well.)  I so wish that I took more time to stamp and blog; I seem to fill my down-time with mindless Facebook games!!! No bueno!

(2) I don't get to stamp as often as I would like. Truth-be-told, when I DO have some time to stamp, I usually begin the process by cleaning my stamp area, or re-organizing my supplies and stamps. I am not quite certain why I start this way -- maybe I just need to touch everything before I am inspired to create anything.

(3) I have been married for 18 years to a wonderful, patient man who loves me for who I am, faults and all. And I can't imagine that I'm all that easy to live with. He and I "balance" each other very nicely actually -- he is very practical and I am very optimistic and "dreamy". He procrastinates and I nag... hehehehee.

(4) I have two teenage children -- again, thank goodness for some balance in the marriage! I tend to over-indulge my kids, but as far as I am concerned, they ARE my kids!!  We are going through those rough teenage kids, and yes, times can be tough. Yet my kids are good-hearted, loving kids. I know we are going to see great things come from these kids of ours. We certainly raised independent, strong-willed individuals!  (My daughter currently would like her belly-button pierced, so I'm kind of questioning that independent thinker in her.... LOL.)

(5) I have been so incredibly blessed to have wonderful people placed into my life -- my Lord and Savior has strategically dropped people into my life (since I was a child); people who have shaped me into who I am today. I keep toying with the idea of devoting a blog post to these people, something like a chronicle of the path laid before me that led me to become a true Christian. Come back and check on me.... I really am considering this!

(6) The friends that I stamp with have brightened my life in so so many ways! There have been some moments that I wish I could just pull the covers up over my head and hide (see #4 above --- heehee). My stamping friends, God bless them, have consistently pulled me out of these funks -- we laugh and laugh while we make whatever it is we are making. I am convinced that stamping, although it is important, it is secondary to our events!!!  THANK YOU!!!

(7) I was born and raised in Ventura County, and there I continue to live. We have a little bit of paradise going on here (I mean, come on -- January 31 and it is 72 degrees and sunny!! Can't beat that!). I can't imagine living anywhere else.

(8)  Finally, I always wanted to become a writer. One of these days (again, see #5 above) I really would like to write. I have a few things to say -- I just am afraid that I won't do it justice. My next project that I have tumbling around in my mind is a journal creation. And this journal will be the start of my writing!!!

Now, I get to nominate a Stylish Blogger -- and I have to nominate two women who I admire so much. These two women, whom I have never met, and they won't even know my name, are the most courageous women facing difficulties I cannot even imagine. They are such a blessing, I am sure, to many many readers -- I truly hope that they remain strong in their relationship with our Lord, and I pray that they find happiness and comfort this year.

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Thanks for stopping by today. And thank you Maureen for bestowing such a kind honor!