Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year -- New Organization

I am one of those stampers that must have everything in place BEFORE I start stamping, yet I make a mess while I am stamping, and then have a rough time coming back to clean up the mess. Quite honestly, I just cleaned and put away my Halloween stamps! So here are some photos of my stamp area.


I am quite fortunate to have a room to work in. I share it with all the kids, and it often doubles as a classroom for Emma (my 6-yr-old niece) to "teach" in. It is a fantastic room. And as I cleaned up my room this holiday, I went through all my supplies that I have had tucked away and have never used and I set them aside for Emma to use as she pleases. She loves to create cards and calendar layouts with me. I'll post some of her work later this week.

Well, Happy New Year everyone. Get to Stamping!!!!


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